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Prominent researchers are advocating a dramatic shift in HIV-prevention priorities. A new study says that significant funding is being wasted in Africa on condom distribution, HIV testing, and vaccine research. Instead, money should be spent on male circumcision, reducing the number of sexual partners, and improving health systems in African countries.

The researches say that the strongest evidence supporting the shift in priorities is the fact that the infection rate has not dropped, despite years of condom and testing awareness. Conversely, male circumcision significantly reduced the risk, as has a reduction in the number of partners.

According to BBC, two-thirds of HIV infections happen in Africa. But, some health experts say that HIV prevention is getting too much funding. HIV causes 3.7 percent of all deaths worldwide; yet, it receives 25 percent of the funding.

Are you surprised that the study purports that condoms and testing are not working? Do you think HIV research should get less funding, as it causes proportionately less deaths than the money spent on it? Or, do societies have an interest in eradicating a particularly horrifying disease?


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