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Confessions of a Facebook Stalker

Here's a post from OnSugar blog My DISFunkshion.

Hello, my name is Ariana and I am a Facebook stalker. My confession isn’t one of shame or embarrassment, but one that likely half of Facebook users could make.

Facebook is basically an open vault of information and a web of relationships and acquaintances. It allows its users to see a friend’s friend’s pictures, to find out their interests, where they live, what school they go to and how old they are. Unless someone’s profile is locked or private, this website opens up a whole new way to approach stalking…and I’m taking advantage of it!

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The most common group of people I stalk on Facebook is that of attractive boys. I’ll admit it, I’ll see a cute guy in class and I will look him up on Facebook to find out more about him (or just look at his pictures). Admit it girls, you have all done it! Looking at their profile can also actually help you to converse with the guy in real life: once you know his interests, you can casually bring them up and voila! You instantly (and coincidentally, of course) have things in common!


My second most chosen of stalkees are people who I think have really amazing senses of fashion. I love to look at their photos, draw from their styles, and become inspired for my own wardrobe choices!

Although this confession of mine may seem creepy and weird I can honestly say that almost every girl and guy I know Facebook stalk as well. It is natural to want to know more about people and just plain interesting and entertaining!


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joriss joriss 7 years
Me too.. Worse is i stared at my ex boyfriends profile picture which is taken by me on the beach for half an hour and i didn't realized it. Scary!!
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 7 years
This post is creepy! Why would someone post pics & info on a social website & then not want people to look @ it? That's ridiculous. If you post it, expect people to look. BTW anything you post (pics, private info) is now owned by facebook. You agreed when you signed up.
Marcel-Ihart-NY Marcel-Ihart-NY 7 years
I'm definitely a FB STALKER ... I have been trying to coin a name for Fb stalking ... u should help me out
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I totally do this. I love facebook creeping! I don't care if people think it's weird, I don't think it is and I'll keep doing it. LOL.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I like browsing photo albums on facebook and trying to find people I used to know from school and childhood. I wouldn't call that stalking. Finding out some cute guy's interests so you have something to talk about is way more convenient than having to follow him around town.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
The first time I got 'active' on my fb account, I'm guilty of looking at my friends's pictures :D HEY. They put them there for us to look at! Most of them are from HS and dude, it's so fun to see how all of us have grown up. I'm now starting to be 'bad,' as in, if I meet someone in real life, I search the person on facebook, just to see if s/he's there LOL.
zabrow zabrow 7 years
i don't know. looking up a person you don't know but want to know in order to "coincidentally" bring up some of their same interests? that seems reeeally creepy to me. more so than looking to see who's dating whom & what people are wearing to get inspiration.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
everyone does this i do what the poster said, and i also like to do it for gossip's sake - find out who is dating who, who works where, and all the connections and six degrees of seperaion stuff and i love reading ridiculous status updates and then making fun of them
juicebox07 juicebox07 7 years
I totally agree with the fashion thing. I've always liked looking at people's photos on myspace and facebook who I think have amazing style. Like you, it inspires me. I also like knowing more about people. I don't really call it stalking unless you're looking at someone's facebook to an obsessive extent, but it's more like curiosity.
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