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Congress Considers Bill to Spur Volunteerism

The House of Representatives will vote on the Give Act today, which would triple the size of AmeriCorps and create four other service programs. The new Corps would be:

  • The Clean Energy Corps
  • The Education Corps
  • The Healthy Futures Corps
  • The Veterans Service Crops

The bill also increases the amount of money volunteers, like the ones Michelle Obama hung out with yesterday, receive toward education.

Supporters of the bill say that America's service infrastructure needs a critical boost. Plus, if we can get volunteers to focus energy toward crucial projects, it might save money. According to some analysis each dollar invested in AmeriCorp yields a $4 return.

But critics say it would just throw money at the idea of giving back. And jobless Americans already seem excited about the idea of giving back and gaining skills.

So what about you? Do you favor this bill?


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