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The Connection Between IUDs and Cancer

As far as long-term birth control goes, IUDs aren't too popular in the US — only 2 percent of women who use contraception have one. With that said, I guess many people don't know about all the benefits of an IUD! Once it's inserted into your uterus, it offers protection from unplanned pregnancies for up to five years. That means they're a great choice for women who know that it'll be a while until they're ready to start a family, or if they've already had children and aren't planning on having anymore. Plus IUDs are 99.9 percent effective.

Here's some more great news. Using an IUD may also help protect women from endometrial cancer, a type of cancer that affects the lining of the uterus. It can reduce a woman's risk by 40 percent, which is similar to the cancer-preventing qualities of oral contraceptives.

Dear's Advice: If you're interested in using an IUD, talk to your gynecologist. You should know that some women experience irregular bleeding or pain. Also, IUDs don't protect against STIs, so they're only a good option for women who are in a monogomous relationship with someone they know is disease free.


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