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Group Therapy: Controlling Parents Don't Like Current Boyfriend

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

So I'm currently in a relationship with a man I truly love. He's smart, handsome, and he is very strong-willed, but my parents do not approve of him. In the past I have always gone for the "artistic" type of man. They were the kind who wrote songs for me, who showed their affection for me through artistic expression. This kind of expression of love is what my parents enjoy about the men that I normally choose, mostly because they were able to show affection easily.

The man I am currently with is not like the boyfriends of my past at all. My boyfriend is athletic, well spoken, handy, and not a wallflower AT ALL. In other words, he is verryyyy different from boyfriends in the past. We balance each other out well because I am very creative and artistic, and I introduce him to new thoughts and ideas, and he does the same for me. I've really gained so much confidence with him as well because he truly loves me for ME . . . which I never really had in the past.


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Anyway, my problem lies with the fact that my parents are uncomfortable with my boyfriend. My mom is especially judgmental, and she sees this relationship as just another failure. Nothing is more disappointing to my mom than "failure." I tend to be picky with who I choose as my boyfriend, and I've been in two other serious relationships. The last serious relationship I was in lasted for four years. We moved in together and it didn't work out, and my parents are very confused about why, although I explain to them that living with someone is very different from just dating them.

My parents are trying to keep me and my current boyfriend apart (I'm 26 years old and I find it to be ridiculous). I try to convince them of my love for my current boyfriend, but they are being thick-headed. I am finally in a relationship where I can see a future with someone and my parents are getting in the way.

I need advice on how to show them that my boyfriend and I are serious, and that the way he is different from the other relationships I have is a good thing.

Side note: my boyfriend and I do live together . . . and I love living with him.

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