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Cougar Trend Exists in Pop Culture Only

With schools for cougar training and cub conventions for preying, you'd think the cougar-cub trend had gone wild. But a new study, which surveyed 22,000 online daters, found it to be a myth among real men and women.

Instead women and men sought stereotypically aged partners. Women preferred men who were the same age or slightly older (and wealthier), while men preferred attractive, younger women. In fact, the older men get the younger their ideal woman is.

So is the boy toy a myth? The study seems to think so, saying the cougar phenomena is currently contained to celebrities and pop culture. It, however, did not survey the US, but it did talk to several similar countries like Canada, Britain, Australia, and Germany.


It could be a matter of time before the boy-toy myth becomes a reality — though I'd say it would have happened already — but it's probably just a small number of younger-men-loving women, and that's all it ever will be.

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