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Dear Sugar
Over the past year, I have become really close with one of my guy friends who I have always had a little crush on. People always ask us if we are together and tell us we would be the best couple, but we have always been nothing more than just friends.

I have never said anything about my feelings towards him because I didn't want to ruin our friendship, but as more and more people refer to us as a couple, the more I wonder if he has a crush on me as well.

Whenever we are together, which is more times than not, he is nothing but a gentleman, opening doors for me, paying for my meals, and always the first person to stand up for me. Sometimes I think his actions are brother-like, but other times I think real feelings are there. Should I take a chance with him or should I keep our relationship in the friend zone? Crushing Carrie

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Dear Crushing Carrie
The only way you will know if your best bud is crushing on you too is by taking a risk and asking him. Chances are that he also hears what people are saying about the two of you and he could be pondering the same thing you are. Dating your best friend is every girl's dream, so what do you have to lose?

Sometimes Mr. Right is staring you right in the face! Since this can be a nerve wracking conversation be confident and honest. Try saying something like this:

"I have debated whether or not I should say something to you about the way I have been feeling, but I can't keep quiet anymore. You are such an incredible friend to me and I have to come clean with my crush on you. My feelings for you have developed into more than just friendly feelings this year and I thought I would confess to you with the hopes that you share my feelings."

Since you could be catching him quite off guard, be prepared if you don't get the response you were hoping for. His flirtatious ways could be just that, so if he wants to just stay friends, you are going to have to respect his wishes. Going out of your comfort zone is sometimes difficult, but hopefully he feels the same way and your honesty will be worth the risk in the long run. Good luck.

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