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Remember on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood when he got out his little playset and sent the trolley into the Neighborhood of Make-believe? This is a little like that.

The blog Townhall has used its imagination and fast-forwarded to the general election, coming up with a list of the Top Seven Reasons Why Barack Obama Is a Weaker Candidate Than People Think." Uh-oh people. I ain't gonna lie. Jillness? Stephley? Get your commenting fingers loosened up. Here it comes:

  • Howard Dean 2.0: They call Obama the most gaffe-prone candidate to run for the presidency since Howard Dean.
  • Entourage: Obama's alleged pals including Tony Rezko and Jeremiah Wright don't sit well.
  • He's Not Qualified to Be President: This one is pretty blunt saying, "there is absolutely nothing in Barack Obama's background that indicates he's up to the job."

I know, I know! There's more!


  • The Demographics Disaster: OK, this one even I've mused about: they point out that Hillary Clinton has beaten Barack Obama in key swing states like Florida, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
  • From The Post-Racial Candidate to Al Sharpton 2.0: Apparently they're not buying any de-emphasis on race. "Obama may be a lot of things, but it has become pretty obvious at this point that he really doesn't intend to be the president who helps America put the race issue in the rear-view mirror."
  • Since the National Journal ranked Barack Obama as the single most liberal member of the Senate in 2007, he might become a Dukasis or a Kerry.
  • Alien vs. Predator: The Democratic Edition: The long in-party fighting has hurt Obama. And, "Hillary's supporters have started becoming very, dare I say it, "bitter" about the unfair way that their candidate has been treated."

Well? Are they right on or riding the crazy train? Is Obama flawed?


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