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Cows Become Currency in Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwe school is telling parents that if they can't scrape up enough money, they should pay tuition with livestock or fuel coupons. Thanks to insane inflation, parents are short on cash. School fees are about 100,000 Zimbabwe dollars, but banks only let people withdraw 1,000 Zimbabwe dollars a day. In addition, the official inflation rate this year is 11,000,000 percent.

Even though school officials say the in-kind tuition deal idea came from the parents, residents are asking the government to step in a stop the program. Many worry that the teachers or headmasters are getting a windfall from the practice.

Since the money crisis has been turning people into vegetarians, it makes some sense they are giving up their livestock. Maybe President Bush should tell Congress that they better pass the bailout soon, or the US will soon be using cows as its currency.


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