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Craigslist Revenue Boost Thanks to Sex Ads

Craigslist Makes Bank From Sex Ads — Horrible or No Biggie?

The battle over selling sex on Craigslist continues. The site is expected to make $36 million from sex ads this year, and won't be donating the profits to charity as it has in the past.

Even though CEO James Buckmaster says that "Craigslist has done the best and most responsible job of combating child exploitation and human trafficking," anti-human trafficking organizations disagree. And just last week, the FBI arrested members of the Gambino crime family on charges that included selling the sexual services of teens on Craigslist.

How do you feel about the online classifieds site making money this way? Does it promote sexual exploitation?

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chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
SKG - I know they were telling the truth. And from a logical standpoint, I agree with you that they're not responsible for what people put on their website. From an emotional standpoint, it just gives me a "bad" feeling that someone posted a fake ad (that looked legit) and that women were likely responding to it, showing up for God-knows-what, and Craigslist was making money off of that. If they would have been willing to replace the ad with something saying "this ad was fake - do not respond," I would have a better feeling.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I do think it's icky that some of those profits are likely from ads involving women and children forced into sex slavery. I personally wouldn't keep the money. But, the flip side is that Craigslist is also used to help potential victims. The police recently caught quite a few sexual predators (including a priest from my city!) using Craigslist. I would guess that Craigslist is a very effective tool for law enforcement - they just post an ad, and the criminals come straight to them. So in that sense, I'm glad it's available. However, I will say that I once had to contact Craigslist on behalf of a client regarding a false ad, and the people at Craigslist were very unhelpful and claimed to have no information whatsoever regarding the person who posted it. It scares me to think of what happened to the women who responded to it.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
As long as they continue to get rid of ads that promote underage prostitution and human trafficking I don't see a good reason why they should donate that revenue to charity. Craigslist is a commercial endeavor, and as SKG pointed out, is not responsible for an individual's actions.
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