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What's Your Craziest Postbreakup Behavior?

There's this amazingly weird and sad story about a woman who died while trying to enter her on-again-off-again boyfriend's house through the chimney. Yes, it's about 10 times more insane than anything most of us have ever tried, but poor judgment plagues the brokenhearted.

I've sent a regrettable number of emails, and I have a friend who secretly blogged about her after-relationship only to have it haunt her. As long as we don't delude ourselves into thinking we're Santa, we're probably safe, if not entirely sane, and we'll probably learn something from the whole ordeal. What questionable postbreakup behavior do you regret?

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
I'm not even going to get into my crazy-ex story, that's what therapy is for, but the worst I've done is drive by his house and call just to hear his voicemail and write love letters/poems that I ended up never showing him. I like to think I've grown up since then.
danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
Oh my gosh, she sounds like a complete nut job!!! My now ex's ex girlfriend was crazy too, she kept contacting him and even ME a few months into our dating. This was 2 years after they broke up and they only dated for 3 months. She said some pretty crazy things, I almost called the cops to get her to bug off.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 6 years
I've been overly depressed in the past, mainly because the asshole made so many comments about how I was doomed to be screwed up because of my family. I was dumb enough to let it get to me. If you want a crazy ex story, though: My husband, when we were still dating, had an INSANE ex who needed police intervention. The girl stalked him and his family and me like crazy. She probably bothered HIM the least, but used his family to get to him. She acted like she had been married to him or something. She'd broken up with him a LONG time before I'd even moved to town and met him, but she always figured he'd be there as her back burner if she didn't find better. Then she got ANGRY when he met me (someone FAR better looking, educated, and nicer) and he totally forgot about her. She'd spent years trying to convince him he wasn't good enough for her and putting him down. Once he met me, he realized she was just nuts. Anyway, she called his mom several times a night crying. She tried to talk his poor mom into hacking into his accounts for her on facebook and myspace so that she could get information about me. The poor lady didn't even know what social networks were! She pretended his dog was somehow their "child" and she deserved visitation rights and a key to his apartment (even though he bought it and had been the ONLY person to care for it). She acted like they'd been married (they hadn't- though she'd been secretly married to someone in the past, when she was like 18) and would call his family demanding money all the time, like she deserved alimony. They'd never lived together. He'd never taken the relationship that seriously. He'd never even told her he loved her! His mom would tell her to stop calling because she was running up the cell phone bill. She stopped answering when she'd see his ex's number pop up, so the crazy ex got a hold of her house number to call because she knew it didn't have caller ID. Eventually everyone had to change their numbers to get her to go away. One time, she even tricked his roommate into letting her into the apartment by texting him that my husband (boyfriend at the time) said that she could come pick some stuff up and walk his dog while he was away. So, the guy (half asleep and not thinking) got up and unlocked the door for her and went to back to bed. She came walking into my husband's bedroom...WITH ME THERE IN BED...before 8 AM in the morning...AND REFUSED TO LEAVE. She just kept hanging around in the living room then outside crying until he got pissed and locked her out. He was scared of what she'd do and tried to nicely shoe her out so there'd be no fight, but she had to be forced! I WAS RIGHT THERE! Let's keep in mind they'd been broken up for like six months before I even met him! She'd already gone on to date other people and slept with mutual friends of theirs and all. It wasn't like he'd just suddenly ended some big serious relationship with her and suddenly moved on to me. I guess she just had it in her head that he was her property or something? She also talked down to him all the time and tried to convince him that he'd never be able to date anyone else, so it was obvious she never thought he would move on. She thought he'd always be there if she couldn't find someone else. She actually broke in one more time, when neither of us were there, and left a letter in his room. We walked in, and there was this letter that went on and on about how he'd "never be able to find a girl who loves you. I'm the only one who could love you and take care of you the way I did. It's too bad you could never even tell me you love me." She WAS SO PSYCHOTIC!
totygoliguez totygoliguez 6 years
We didn't even get a chance to date, but I was really into this guy--I was in a freshman in high school, so I have an excuse--- and I would try to go wherever he was and I would go get him gifts. I eventually came into my senses when he said to me: " You are like my little sister." After that I moved on, I was obsess with him for two years.
wolfpackgal wolfpackgal 6 years
I dated this guy on and off for a while when I was in high school, and he was in college. After I followed him to the college he went to (mistake #1) and he took my virginity (mistake #2), he broke up with me a week into school. After our breakup, I would message his friends online asking what he was up to (I was always ignored) and I would go to the gym hoping to see him there. Looking back on it, he wasn't worth the effort at all! I have definitely learned from that huge mistake of a guy.
danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
I'm going through a real heartbreaking breakup right now, I hope I don't do anything too crazy :P The last time we broke up (this was a few years ago, same guy), I made a list of over 100 things I missed about him and posted it on MySpace. It was my first major breakup and I was not in my right mind. I took it down not long after :P
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
It's so embarrassing now, but I was really serious with this one guy and when he broke up with me without warning, I was devastated. I knew he left his car unlocked so once my crying broke long enough for me to drive, I drove to his house, and left a heart felt letter and present for him in his car. I never heard from him again and I still to this day feel like a complete moron for acting so desperate. In retrospect, I can't even remember why I was so into him or way the breakup hit me so hard since he was connected to my circle of friends enough that I knew had a history of cheating before I got together with him and I never even fully trusted him once we were together.
juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
I took 4 sleeping pills (the directions said only take 1) hoping it would knock me out so I wouldn't think about him anymore. The pills knocked me out alright, but not for 2 and a half hours after I took them. In the mean time, I was experiencing very unpleasant side effects (such as increased heart rate, severe cotton mouth, dizziness, could barely talk, and my body felt super heavy). When the effects started kicking in, I called him hoping he would come take care of me. Nope. He said I did this to myself, so I had to deal with it myself. He was worried though, and told me to text him if I could so he knew I was okay. I eventually passed out for 12 hours.
neonbee neonbee 6 years
Oh my, that's one crazy story. The worst I've done is staying "friends" with my ex. We broke up back in 2007 and three years later, we still see each other occasionally. We date other people, but neither of us is in a serious relationship. I seriously think he's the reason I can't take any guy seriously enough to be my new bf.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
lol Frenched I just read your comment. The guy I mentioned above also told me all kinds of crazy things! He was a black belt in some kind of karate and he trained in Japan. He was a gun smuggler, a spy, and a million other things. At least you were smart enough to stay away! I was dumb enough to find it sexy and dangerous! Did he happen to be a 6'7 Columbian covered in tattoos???
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
I was in a toxic relationship with someone I thought was my 'soul mate'. The relationship was full of obsessiveness, fighting, violence on both ends, etc. The fourth time be broke up with me was the day before my 19th birthday, so I did the only logical thing anything would do. I walked into a tattoo parlor and decided I was either going to get a new tattoo, or get my nose pierced. Being 19, of course I chose the permanent option. I now have a tramp stamp that says 'servo meus pectus pectoris'. It's Latin for 'protect my heart'. Of course almost no one speaks Latin, so for years people have been asking me that it says at the odd times it pops out. I usually reply 'It means 19 and stupid.' They laugh and that's that. At least I didn't get his name anywhere!
Frenched Frenched 6 years
I've really never had that many relationships but, I was REALLY, REALLY into this guy whose name was Lucky. I had a mad crush on him but he was living in some sort of other dimension thanks to his drug abuse. He started telling me all these bizarre stories about him being a secret agent and whatnot and that's when I decided it wasn't healthy to keep going out with him so I broke up with him. The next day, I tried to stay strong but by the end of the week, I couldn't help it all! I went back and told him that I really, really wanted to get back together with him. I just liked him THAT MUCH. For one reason or another, we didn't exactly get back together and we just stopped talking. I sobbed and cried all the time and it was just really hard to get over him but, eventually I was. I guess the "crazy" part for me was just CRYING so much for this guy. I thought it was pathetic!
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