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Crazy Things Women Find Snooping

The Crazy Things You've Found Snooping

If you readers have taught me anything, it's to snoop at your own risk. Last week, I asked you to share the craziest thing you found snooping, and the answers did not disappoint — from your boyfriend's surprising lingerie preferences, to nude photos, you guys have stumbled upon some juicy secrets while spying. Many women weighed in on the site and on Facebook. Below, read the list of what you've found, along with the quotes from the snoopers.

Women's underwear: "Garbage bag full of women's panties in my ex bf's closet."

Drugs: One Facebook follower recalls a time she was babysitting and invited her friends over after the kids fell asleep: "They were looking though the people's desk . . . and found their DRUG STASH! Marijuana and Blotter Acid!! WTH???!! They were like professional middle class parents . . . My first lesson in "don't judge a book by its cover."

Presents: "Every single gift my ex-boyfriend ever gave me."

Full-frontal photos: "I was kinda of dating this guy and searched him on the Internet," wrote a reader, "I found him on Adult Friend Finder. Not only was he searching for partners . . . He had a nude picture of himself, full frontal. LOL when I confronted him he denied it even though I could see his face. Lastly, he got mad at me for snooping."


Deceitful love letters: "Love letters from my best friend to my boyfriend." Ouch!

Same-sex affairs: "My first boyfriend had cheated on me with another guy. Akwarddddd."

Family secrets: "My birth certificate and my sisters did not match."

Steroids: "Bodybuilder physique while in law school, should've known better."

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