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Creative Gift Idea

Dear Sugar
I am one of those people who is always shopping for gifts.

Currently I need: an anniversary gift for my sister and her husband (they are chic, city folks), a housewarming gift for my best friend who's having me stay with her and her husband at their new beach house, and an engagement gift for another close friend.

Do you have any ideas? Kitchen and bathroom accessories seem trite and I feel like I've raised the bar for myself with all of my past creative gifts. Got any ideas for me? Giving Gabby

Dear Giving Gabby
I've got a terrific idea and if you have the budget, you can get it for all three of these couples. Have you ever heard of Bond no.9? It's an upscale fragrance line sold exclusively at their chic boutiques (there are 4 of them), or at

I wear their Chelsea Flowers scent (simply heaven) and have bought individual fragrances as gifts for very close friends (large bottle - $168, small bottle - $105). Now....they've come out with a "Bon-Bon Box." Could you just die?! - I am so excited!

The box is comprised of 18 out of their 25 most popular scents and are wrapped like colorful hard candies.

Each perfume is a refillable pocket spray and the idea is that you can mix them together to blend your own original scent, have a fragrance party or give them out as a place setting gift. The box sells for $230.

You will surely inspire a gift to gab about!

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