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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Laws

Should Crisis Pregnancy Centers Clarify Anti-Choice Stance?

I briefly volunteered on a postabortion hotline. The idea was plenty of women who identify as pro-life have abortions (and, trust me, there are plenty), and even the most pro-choice people could feel regret afterward. Hard calls would start like this: "I don't believe in abortion, but . . ."; and the worst calls would start with "I killed my baby." It's pretty much impossible to comfort a woman from there.

So crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life advocacy organizations disguised as pregnancy options counseling, stir as much anger as I can muster for something I'm not personally involved with. They provide "options counseling" but present abortion as the devil's procedure. Medically disproved "facts" are doled out like aspirin for cramps: the pill causes infertility; condoms don't protect from STDs; and abortions increase the risk of breast cancer, often end in suicide, and cause a fictional disease — postabortion stress syndrome — which is like PTSD but not recognized by medical associations. In the most aggressive cases, they'll come right out and say "God will never forgive you," which I heard echoes of on so many calls.

Now legislation is being proposed in New York City, where a center has conveniently set up shop across from Planned Parenthood. It proposes all crisis pregnancy centers clarify intentions by clearly stating they provide abortion "alternatives." The law would require signs in waiting rooms to say the center does not provide or make referrals for abortions or contraceptives approved by the FDA and be clear if there are no licensed medical professionals on staff.

I say it's a good step — what about you?

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snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 7 years
#3 - Planned Parenthood offers a range of choices - so what would they have to let women know? That they offer abortions, access to birth control, counseling? They already make that clear. CPCs are the ones masquerading - If you watch the documentary 12th and Delaware you'll see a CPC worker locking a woman in an exam room, justifying lies with biblical rhetoric and flat out lying - all to "save a life" --- Since when did an unborn fetus become more important than a woman? (more on the documentary at Ms Magazine: Please visit me and other pro choice reproductive justice advocates at The Abortion Gang (!
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
If gov't mandates that they must put up signs clarifyíng that they provide abortion alternatives, why not make any kind of pregnancy centre including planned parenthood put up standard signs explaining exactly what their services, accreditations and policies are. For example, they would list the birth control that they provide, number of doctors and university educated counselors, whether they do abortions on site, whether they refer out or 'hook -up'' people with abortions, whether the counselling is religion neutral or based on religious principals, stance on birth control, etc. i'm pretty sure the last thing a non-church goer wants in the time of crisis is a ridiculous lecture about 'the devil."' Even for people against abortion like myself, 'the devil',' the last thing i would mention, seriously. I believe that for non profit orgs a centre or branch gets money based on how many ppl use their services. why not make clear the services offered before someone goes in, wastes time filling out a form, and the organization gets more money just from explaining what they do. kind of hate that ''abortion alternatives'' makes it sound like abortion is the norm, most desired cure for unplanned pregnancy and anything else is just a plan b (no pun intended) kind of sick the direction society is going. it makes me think of 'meat alternatives,' and though I eat some meat, when I want to eat veggies or soy, i don't need to think about meat or that my meal is just an ''alternative'' to a 'real' meal.. like i said, signs to indicate type of business and thus save peoples time are a great idea, but if the reason is to save an abortion haver from hearing a religious speech and/or faulty birth control info before having an abortion; it wont do the trick. For one, no one should be allowed to provide misinformation about birth control. How can there be no regulation to prevent that?! Two, I'm less concerned with these centers not providing abortions then them using a woman's moment of weakness to proselytize. However I believe that the woman is very likely regret the abortion regardless of what they say, because its unnatural to kill your own child, even if you get the doctor to do it instead of doing it yourself. Do any other mammals do this? I am not trying to be elf -righteous, but it is biologically unnatural, thus emotional regret would be natural. What she really needs instead of religious nuts or encouragement towards abortion is adoption and/or single parenting support ie money from the govt. I know the govt can't afford it though~~
LaSigh LaSigh 7 years
HollyJ- I will totally have that pro-choice protest with you. It makes me sick what they make women go through at clinics. It's like "Yes, it's very Christian of you to make a hard decision, harder" I mean, being pro-life is fine but could you be a little sensative? Ugh. On a lighter (not pissing me off note) Are you really a HollyJ or a fellow Degrassi fan?
HollyJRockNRoll HollyJRockNRoll 7 years
Why is anyone for this? These people should not be able to give out wrong information??? I think this is a personal choice and the people who walk around calling it murder and all that need to stay home. I have been tempted to stand outside with them during protest to protest being pro-choice. It's sick how they use pictures of unborn fetuses and things like that, and bring in religion. People like that are one of the reasons people scoff at me when I say I'm a Christian. In my opinion, they make all believers look bad.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
Any place that bills itself as a crisis pregnancy center needs to offer information on becoming a parent, adoption, and abortion. Furthermore, I think the counselors who work there should be sitting down with these girls and saying, "OK, this might work best for your situation."
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
i agree with tlsgirl, dispensing inaccurate information should be illegal on it's own. that's what the laws should cover.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Of course, I also believe they should be forced to provide scientifically accurate information so that they don't cause further trouble, but when have religious organizations ever followed that particular advice?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Yes, they should absolutely clarify their stance.
beautiful-disaster beautiful-disaster 7 years
i think it means that they wont counsel you regarding abortions or even have that be a talking point, nor will they tell you where to go if you want one. these types of places sicken me. in this day and age they should be sued and put out of business for outright LYING to women seeking their help. they are providing false/misleading guidance. it is horrifying that they would say condoms dont protect from STDs. I understand that they blindly follow inept people like the pope and believe everything he says (remember what he said in africa? condoms are the CAUSE of HIV/AIDS!!!!!). im totally ok with them wanting to provide women with other alternatives to abortion. women should have all the information they need to make an informed decision, but they are literally putting these people who seek their help in harms way by telling them these lies. how many women might be infected with STDs and/or HIV because they believed that condoms are worse?? How many unnecesary pregnancies or "woops babies" are there going to be because these women didnt know how to take care of themselves???
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Yes, they absolutely should remain clear on their abortion-alternative position.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I actually think that, for a woman who IS pro life and wants to have her baby/give it up for adoption, these centers can be useful in helping them locate valuable social services and nonprofits. But their pro life mission should be exceedingly clear, and they are not a good place for a woman on the fence. I'm curious what law this would fall under though? Should Planned Parenthood and similar orgs be subject to similar requirements?
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 7 years
I went to a CPC when I got pregnant at 15. The one I went to did not have actual doctors. They didn't offer birth control, their view was that giving birth would be so traumatic you would never want to have sex again. Obviously that isn't the reality. They offer religious based counseling for free for as long as you want. They didn't pressure me to not have an abortion but they did say they could offer me more services if I carried to term like you get on WIC, food stamps, even housing if you can't afford it. They helped me find a family to adopt my child. It is a helpful service but I know some centers are not truly about helping and think just convincing a woman to keep her baby is God's work. I think they should be regulated and I get sick of CPC supporters getting all bent out of shape about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood isn't religious based but CPC's are so their information will always be tainted with their view that abortion is wrong.
stephley stephley 7 years
What would be a valid reason for an anti-abortion group to not identify themselves as offering alternatives?
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