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Under the Cuban Family Reunification Program, the US will start speedily processing visa applications for Cubans who have relatives living in America. Instead of taking three to seven years to receive visas, Cubans will get them in a matter of months. While the US often has no problem splitting up families when an immigrant has been here for decades illegally, it does take familial considerations into account when granting Cubans fast-track visas.

The US takes a unique stance toward Cuban immigration. An old agreement between the two countries allows for 20,000 legal Cuban immigrants per year. The Family Reunification Program will not add to that number. Once Cubans immigrate to America, they are only allowed to return home once every three years.

There are so many layers to the immigration issue, and I find it interesting that US policy differs from home country to home country. What factors should matter most when deciding which nation's immigrants are more sympathetic, or more deserving of fast-track visas?


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