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Actor Bolek Polivka is suing his former business partner Tomas Harabis over the rights to the Wallachian Kingdom. Only the Wallachian Kingdom isn't on a map — it exists in a magical land, far, far away and was founded by Tomas and some friends as a joke.

The Wallachian Kingdom shows up on tourist maps in the south-east corner of Moravia, which is part of the Czech Republic. Since its creation in 1997, hotels, restaurants and bars have popped up, profiting off believers and perpetuating the fake world. There's currency (the Jurovalsar) and even a University of the Wallachian Kingdom (it's like Hogwarts, without the wizards). More than 90,000 people own special Wallachian passports. And of course, there's a lot of mead imported.

To learn about this legendary legal battle,


Before the kingdom became known Bolek Polivka had himself crowned "Wallachian King, Boleslav I the Gracious, Forever" on his TV show. Later Tomas Harabis began casting around for a monarch to head his fictional kingdom and "King Boleslav" was his first choice. Years later, Tomas decided to overthrow Bolek (something about him "acting too much like a real monarch") and a "Queen Mother" was appointed to rule the troubled kingdom in his place.

Bolek's lawyers filed a lawsuit to stop Tomas from using the Wallachian Kingdom trademark he had registered in 1998, claiming he was profiting unlawfully from Bolek's name. In 2007, Polivka lost the case, and appealed. The real Olomouc court must now decide whether Polivka is in fact "Wallachian King, Boleslav I, the Gracious," and whether he also owns the intellectual property rights to the Wallachian Kingdom as a whole.


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Taadie Taadie 8 years
im so confused.
stephley stephley 8 years
How ridiculous.
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