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DEA Won't Raid Medical Marijuana Facilities Under Obama

DEA Won't Raid Medical Marijuana Facilities Under Obama

In a stunning move, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that federal drug enforcement officials will no longer raid medical marijuana facilities. This may come as a surprise, since the feds have been cracking down on medical pot since California voted to legalize it in 1996. But Holder says we shouldn't be so shocked; after all, Barack Obama did promise to stop prosecuting medical usage during the campaign.

In fact, Obama used his mother's own experience with breast cancer to inform his opinion. On the trail, Obama said he didn't see any difference between the morphine his mom took and marijuana.

Last week, Holder explained the policy motives behind the move. He said: "The president believes that federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws." And there you have it. If a state wants to legalize medical marijuana, the federal government will stay out of it!


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