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Now we're getting into the fun stuff; calories and culture. The following restaurants and snack stops will have you wondering why we can't get these kinds of eats here in the states. You'll be dreaming of french cuisine your entire 8+hr plane ride home...Bon Appetit.

Georges - on the top of the Centre Pompidou. One of the many and famous Costes Brothers restaurants. It's got spectacular views of the city in a chic atmosphere. Dine here at night to make the most of the view. This place French model central - prepare yourself for lite fare and lots of eye candy. 19, rue de Beaubourg

La Petite Cour - The Little Courtyard. Wow, this may be the most charming restaurant I’ve ever been to for any dinner. The wait staff is friendly, the décor is precious and the food is delicious. Into cheese plates? They bring out a GYNORMO fromage cart and you get to choose up to seven cheeses. mmmm 8 rue Mabillon

Le Deaux Magots - This outdoor café is located in St. Germain des Pres where you can hang out and people watch for as long as you wish. It's perfect for a summer lunch stop right before hitting the Luxembourg gardens or some shopping on the rue De Rennes. 6 Place Saint Germaine

Le Grande Colbert - Where “Somethings Gotta Give” was filmed. Near the Palais Royal. Don’t order the tripe (it was grody) but do order the salmon tartare and the delicious french fries. 2 rue de Vivienne .

Café Marly - I didn’t make it there, but it got rave reviews from friends. It's a little bit expensive, but I hear it's worth it for the view alone. It's located on top of The Louvre - making a perfect place to relax and fuel up if you plan to walk more of the museum.93 rue de Rivoli

Brasserie Lipp - Located in St. Germain De Pres, serves very delicious, authentic and traditional French fare. It's also a celeb hotspot, so make a reservation to ensure you can get a table upstairs. 151 BLVD Saint Germaine

Attelier Maitre Albert - Guy Savoy opened up a restaurant in Caesar's Palace recently and I can't wait to go. The menu is small yet succinct and very delish. And for dessert, if you order the plain cake - you get a choice of 2 out of 4 jars as toppings. I am talking full mason jars of: chocolate mousse, creme brulee, rice pudding or apricot sorbet. There are no words. It's located on an adorable street in the Latin Quarter perfect for walking off your dessert . This is a definite don't miss. 1 rue Maitre Albert

Buddah Bar - Think Tao in the US. This is a fun place to eat a fusion dinner and then hang out for fun cocktails at the chic bar with the chic people. They play great music (you can buy Buddah Bar Cd's here in the US and have just recently opened a Buddah Bar here in the Meatpacking District of NYC modeled after this huge Parisian hit. Click here to listen. 8 rue Boissy d'Anglas

Berthillon - Stop by the red canopied parlor for some out of this world glace. Haagen Daaz has nothing on these guys. Their little booths are located all over Paris and are well worth the ½ hour wait for a cone. Order a double – this isn't America and portions are small. You can get there by a walk over the bridge in the Il de la cite after seeing Notre Dame. Ile Saint Louis

Au Pied Du Couchon - is located right by the Les Halles Metro stop and supposedly has the world's BEST french onion soup. If you've come all this way - I say go for it. How can you really go wrong? The rest of the menu is typical brasserie French. 6 rue Coquilliere

itzbezzy itzbezzy 11 years
mmmm, paris. i lived there for two years and miss it terribly. it was divine. love the posts about it! :)
raebella raebella 11 years
Café Marly is a really good place; if you go there, I suggest the steak with bernaise sauce and frites--it's insanely delicious.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 11 years
MMMMMM I bet that food was delicious*
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