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DEARSUGAR and Insecure Insiya need your help. She wants to have sex with her smoking hot, star athlete boyfriend who loves her but she’s too afraid of him seeing her naked. Can anyone help pep up this confidence-starved cheerleader?

Dear Sugar
I am being pressured by my boyfriend to have sex. I am a senior in high school and we have been dating for about a year. I have very strong feelings for him, although I know that I am not in love with him. My feelings are more lustful.

He is very handsome and he is the captain of the football team. Whenever I see him, especially out on the field, all I want to do is rip off his shirt, touch him and kiss him all over. He's so hot, I can’t seem to keep my hands off of him!

Sex has come up quite a few times between us when things in the bedroom get a little too hot and heavy. I can’t blame him for wanting to go all of the way, as I am sure that I am constantly sending him the signals that I am ready. The problem is that I feel so insecure about my body, that I don’t want him to see me naked.

I’m not a virgin, but I’m not very experienced either. I feel like the combination of me not wanting to expose my naked body or expose my inexperience in bed will leave me feeling too emotionally vulnerable and I’ll become a nervous wreck. I don’t want to become even more unattractive to him.

I know that he loves me, he has told me many times and he is always there for me if I need him, but I am still feeling so afraid to do the deep even though I want him so badly. What do you think I should do? Should I just go for it? Insecure Insiya

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