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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: Holiday Gift Ideas For His Folks

DEARSUGAR and Polite Portia need your help. She is going to meet her boyfriend's parents for the first time and on top of giving them a hostess gift as a kind and thoughtful gesture, she has just been informed that she has to give them holiday gifts as well.

I can certainly direct you to FabSugar's Gift Guide. Here you should be able to find tons of ideas from everything to momma bear gifts, a sweet hostess gift to cozy stocking stuffers. Does anyone else have any other suggestions for Portia? You sound very thoughtful and sweet, I am sure they would appreciate anything. Good luck.

Dear Sugar
I am going to visit my boyfriend's parents for the first time over the holidays. I'm leaving them before Christmas to be with my own family, and this is basically a holiday visit. They are paying for my flight because they really want to meet me, and I'm staying in their home.

I bought a gift to give them as a thank-you for hosting me and I also intend on writing them a thank-you note after I leave. I thought I was on the ball as far as etiquette goes, but my boyfriend mentioned that his parents were planning on getting me a Christmas gift.

They've asked him for ideas for things to give me. It didn't even register in my mind that they might do this, since I'm leaving before Christmas. But now that I know they're going to buy me a gift, I feel like I should reciprocate. However, I have no idea what to get them!

I've asked my boyfriend and my parents for ideas, and neither of them have very good suggestions. I don't want to be empty-handed when they give me a gift. Does anyone have any ideas for gifts for parents that I have never met, but want to make a very good impression on? Polite Portia

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