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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: My Friend Borrowed My Underwear!

DEARSUGAR and Grossed Out Gretta need your help. Should she ask her friend to replace her underwear or just let it go? Some people have such bad manners.

Dear Sugar
Saturday night I had a bunch of girls sleep over after one too many cosmo's and a movie marathon. It was great and is something that we definitely need to do more often. Three of us piled into my bed and the other two slept on the couch.

The next morning one of the girls had to go to a family brunch and she asked if she could borrow an outfit. I said yes and I truly didn't mind at all. She's a good friend and she's clean and responsible so I didn't think twice about it really.

Well, the next week, she handed me the clothes back in a bag; all washed and folded and I was happy. However, when I got home, I saw that she had also borrowed my underwear. They too were washed and folded but there was a nasty period stain in the crotch.

Ew! I was totally skeeved out. I can't believe that she thought I wouldn't notice. I don't know what to do. She could have at least mentioned it. I am so disappointed that part of me wants to ask her to buy me a new pair of panties. Is that lame of me? What do you think? Grossed Out Gretta

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