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DEARSUGAR and Offended Olinda need your help. Of course you want your friends to be honest with you - but maybe not quite as brutally honest as telling you that they think you have an unattractive child. What is the ruling on this one?

It reminds me of that Ugly Baby Seinfeld episode when Elaine, Kramer and Jerry were talking about a friend's baby and they didn't realize that the monitor was on and the parents heard them talking about how they couldn't stand the sight of it.

Dear Sugar
Recently, I sent a good friend a photo of my six month old son. After two days had passed, I decided to call her to make sure that she received the e-mail photo. I was so excited to finally have a good shot of him and I am such a proud Mommy.

When she answered the phone, I was shocked to hear that the first thing out of her mouth was her telling me that my child has big bug eyes, his head is oddly placed far back, his eyes are set too widely and that he has a flat nose...just like me. I have to say that I was appalled by her comments!

If I hadn't stopped her, I'll be she would have just kept on critiquing my poor baby negatively. I couldn't believe that she had nothing positive to say to me about my pride and joy. Do you think that she has the right to be this honest in a negative way about my child or am I just being overly sensitive? Offended Olinda

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