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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: My In Laws Want To Stay With Us for Two Weeks

DEARSUGAR and Stuck Stephie need your help. How can she deter her in-laws from crashing with her and her husband in their modest house for two weeks straight?

Dear Sugar,
My husband and I live on the West Coast and his parents live in Pennsylvania. They have mentioned that they've been wanting to come and visit for an extended period of time and called us last night very excited about the prospect of staying with us for two weeks.

My husband and I got married three years ago and we moved away because we wanted to start our own life free of pressures and influences from our families. However, his parents feel that they never get to see him much anymore and they also feel that they don't know me as well as they would like to.

Both my husband and I work full time and we live in a pretty small two bedroom starter house by the water. It would be extremely stressful for us to have them here, shacking up with us for two weeks, and expecting us to play tour guide every night after work, but I don't know how to say no to them.

I know that my husband won't do it; he would never hurt his parents, and suggesting they stay in a hotel would definitely not sit well with them. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? I could use some suggestions...and fast! Stuck Stephie

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