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DEARSUGAR and Back-Stabbed Brianna need your help. She just found out that her best friend slept with two ex boyfriend's of hers. She was willing to forgive her the first time, but this time she's reluctant. What should she do?

Dear Sugar
Last year my best friend confessed to me that she slept with the same guy that I lost my virginity to. We dated for only a brief time and we weren't really in love, so I forgave her. She has been my friend forever and I love her dearly- I really didn't want to fight with her over this since she also happens to be the godmother to my son.

However, recently, I just found out that (from one of her good friends) that had also slept with another one of my ex-boyfriends...and this was a man that I was deeply in love with. When I confronted her about it she denied it. The friend who told me has no reason to lie. I am confused and I don't know who to believe. What should I do? Back-Stabbed Brianna

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