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DEARSUGAR and Creeped Out Clarissa need your help. Her ex is stalking her in a really freaky way. He never talks to her, he just stares, watches and waits to follow her wherever she goes. It’s as though he is getting ready to pounce on his prey.

Personally, I think that I would call the cops on him already. How long are you going to let him lurk around, it’s been almost two years. Does anyone have helpful experience with handling ex lovers stalking them?

Dear Sugar
Two years ago I was engaged to a guy and broke it off right before Valentine's Day. Out of nowhere he began making excuses of why he couldn’t spend time with my kids or me. After a few months of this I became fed up. I thought I was going to marry my best friend and my life partner, and he was turning into a selfish jerk right before my eyes.

After I ended things, I tried to talk to him so that we could have some kind of peaceful closure, but he refused. That’s when things started to get creepy. Any time I went out of the house he would follow me. If I was at a bar, he’d just stand there on the other side of the room watching me, but never speaking to me. This went on until about six months ago when he moved away with his parents.

I was so happy to finally be rid of him, I felt like I could even think about dating again, however….he is back and he moved in right next door to me. He got his old job back and has rented a room out in my neighbor’s house.

Now every time I come home he comes out onto the porch and just watches me and my children go inside. My friends and family say I should just wave at him and ask him why he's back – but if he wouldn't talk to me then, I doubt he’ll talk to me now.

I really can't take the watching anymore, it’s really weird and it’s incessant. I thought it was awful when I’d see him at the video store or the market, but now he is living next door. Help! Can someone please give me some advice on what I should do him? I want him out of my life for good! Creeped Our Clarissa

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