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DEARSUGAR and Stained Stephania need your help. She is looking for the best tooth whitening system around. Since tooth whitening is so popular right now, I thought you might be able to help her out. Who has tried at home products and who has had professional treatments?

I know this one is for the readers to answer, however I have just consulted my dentist who recommends speaking with a professional (this can be done during your cleaning) to assess your smile. Not everyone has teeth that bleaching systems will work on, especially if they your teeth are a grayish or dark yellow color.

Also, it is recommended that you consider some sort of maintenance plan that will up keep the color after the initial brightening process is finished. This only needs to be done every five to eight weeks if you would like the whitening results to last.

Dear Sugar
I am searching for the best tooth whitening system out there. There are so many different options both at the dentist and at home that it's difficult for me to decipher between all of them. I don't have tons of money to spend on this, but I would like to see some serious results if possible.

I was born lacking enamel on some teeth and had braces for almost five years. Since I had the braces, it was hard to get my toothbrush to my teeth, causing my teeth to turn yellow. On top of that, I drink coffee and smoke (although I'm down to just a single cigarette a day).

I am sure you can imagine the toll that all of this has taken on my teeth. Smiling is becoming embarrassing for me, especially when I talk to strangers. I'm in desperate need of some whitening - do you think that you guys could possibly help me out? Stained Stephania

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