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DEARSUGAR and Sweating Him Suzan need your help. If he was really into her, don’t you think he’d make a little bit more of an effort? At the same time, what if he is just busy and that’s all that he can offer her? What do you think?

Dear Sugar
I’ve been out on three dates with Mike. I have a really great time with him; he’s smart, witty, easy on the eyes and seems to be really grounded. After our first date, I thanked him and he gave me this really sweet kiss on the cheek. He called me five days later and asked me out again. I was kind of upset that he’d waited five days to call when we had such a nice time, but I was just so happy to be seeing him again it didn’t matter really.

Our second date was fantastic. We went to dinner followed by a romantic walk and ice cream. Then we went to a bar, had a drink and sat and talked for a while there. Eventually we wound up dancing and kissing all night. I had a great night and he said that he did too.

Yet again though, he waited six whole days to call me. I actually called him the next day to thank him, and that’s how long he waited to get back to me! Now I was starting to get upset…Well I guess I am more disappointed than upset I guess because I really was beginning to like him.

Our third date was ten days ago. We had tons of fun, we went to dinner and then to a concert together. I even met a few of his friends who I really liked. This time he waited 9 days to call me again. I finally said something to him about it last night and he told me that he’s sorry, but that he’s just really busy.

What does this mean? If he really liked me, wouldn’t he want to talk to me or see me more often? Should I continue this waiting game and go out with him again or should I just tell him that I’m busy and that I can’t see him anymore? I’m really not digging this type of behavior. Sweating Him Suzan

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