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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: We Are Having Trouble Conceiving

DEARSUGAR and Frustrated With Fertility Felice need your help. Trying to conceive can start off as fun but can quickly turn frustrating if you do not become pregnant as quickly as planned. There are so many different fertility factors for each couple.

I would make an appointment with your gynecologist to get a check up before you unnecessarily worry any longer. For those of you out there who have been through this, can you offer Felice any helpful advice?

Dear Sugar
I am 27 years old and my husband is 29. We have been trying to conceive a baby for about five months now but are not having any success. My menstrual cycle is regular and I have been religiously calculating the days that I know I will be ovulating. Do you have any idea how long it usually takes to get pregnant for the first time? Frustrated With Fertility Felice

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