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DEAR SUGAR and Bummed Our Brit need your help. Although she is pleased that her boyfriend served her breakfast in bed for her birthday, she is also a little bit disappointed that a single slice of toast and and an egg was his only gift to her.

What do you think? Should Brit have to graciously accept her mediocre meal from her boyfriend as a suitable birthday present, or does she have the right to feel let down by the man that she loves?

Dear Sugar
My boyfriend and I have been together for over three years and last year for his birthday I threw a him a lavish surprise party that all of his friends and family attended. I am in school right now and unfortunately, I am still paying the debt I accumulated from throwing it.

For my birthday I drove 2 hours just so that I could spend the weekend with him. In all of the days leading up to it, he had been talking about how he was planning for my trip. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to get there to see what my main man had planned for me.

However, it was definitely a major let down once I arrived. When I got there he left me and headed to the library to study for four hours. When he returned, I was already asleep. The next day was my actual birthday and I was woken up to breakfast in bed.

The only thing was that my breakfast consisted of a single scrambled egg atop of one lonesome piece of bread. I absolutely hate eggs and this is something my boyfriend knows well because he loves them.

I ate it without complaining though, just waiting for my real present to surface at some point later in the day. Nighttime came and went and up until I left the next afternoon, I never got another gift from him. Do you think that I have the right to feel upset about my lame birthday? Bummed Out Brit

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