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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: My Friend Is A Dirty Birdie

It's that time again DEARSUGAR readers. How can you help out Covering It Up Colette?

Dear Sugar
The woman who cleans my house for me is really lovely and over the past three years, we've formed a very nice relationship. The other day when she came over she was upset and asked to talk to me about something.

She was cleaning the home of someone I had recommended to her and in the middle of working, she just up and quit. She told me that my friend was extremely dirty, that he refused to purchase the products she requested and that he is very rude to her. She hoped that I understood.

The problem is that my friend doesn't understand why she quit and I've been trying to tip toe around the fact that he is so dirty and disrespectful sometimes that he disgusts her. What should I say to him? Covering It Up Colette

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