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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: My Friend Needs a Healthy Push

DEARSUGAR and Give Me Space Sandy need your help. Her friend has been using her as a crutch ever since her break up. It's not that Sandy is insensitive, it's just that she feels it is time that her friend start to move on's been a full year.

I know that we have all been through this in some form or another with friends. You need your girlfriends more than ever when you are going through a breakup, but where do you draw the line when your own relationship begins to suffer from neglect? Do you have any advice for ways she can talk to her buddy to let her know that she cares, but that she needs to take her own life back?

Dear Sugar
I have a friend whom I have known for a very long time. Last year, her boyfriend of three years broke up. Ever since she has expected me to be constantly available to hang out with and to chat on the phone with all of the time. She has even called my boyfriend for a favor!

I am a busy woman; I am a full time nanny and a full time college student. I also have many other friends (that don't particularly like her) and a boyfriend of my own who is starting to grow impatient with her constant interruptions of our plans. I am tired of feeling constantly torn between them.

I really care about her, but I don't feel that it should be my sole responsibility to carry her through this rough patch much longer considering that she and her boyfriend broke up over a year ago. How can I talk to her so that I can get my freedom back without hurting her feelings? Give Me Space Sandy

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