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DEARSUGAR and Broken Record Roslynne need your help. Some friends are just sensitive and draining. What's your advice on how to give a Cancerian a kick in the behind?

Dear Sugar
I've got a friend who constantly talks about another one of our girlfriends. For years, they've had a love/hate volatile relationship that I wish would just end already. But because we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, it's impossible for them to escape each other.

Personally, I don't really care for the other girl either. I find her brass, ostentatious and aggressive, but I've somehow learned to keep my distance from her and not let her sarcasm and big mouth consume me.

I wish that my friend could do the same but she can't. She is utterly hung-up on her. I am tired of hearing about all of these nitty-gritty meaningless comments and I just wish that she could get a thicker skin about it all. I've talked to her many times about being less sensitive, but she's a's practically in her DNA.

What can I say to her so she knows that I don't want to enable this kind of talk any longer? I want to be her friend and help her feel better, but I feel like a tape recorder who has cited the same, "I'm sorry she said that to you" speech over and over again.
Broken Record Roslynne

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