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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: Ugh, My Ex Got Me A Holiday Gift

DEARSUGAR and Wrong Move Rona need your help. Rona, my advice is that if you are going to recycle your ex, then you might as well give him a recycled gift. Is there anything that you've been given that you'd like to get rid of that is still in decent shape?

I hope that you can see my metaphor in here as well. You should also be getting this ex of yours out of your life - for good! Readers, what are some of your suggestions for a holiday gift for her ex boyfriend that she's recently slept with?

Dear Sugar,
Out of nowhere, my boyfriend of a year broke up with me this past summer. Even though I am still in love with him, we didn't speak until a few months ago, when he moved into the same apartment building as me. I decided I would try to be friends to avoid any awkwardness that could develop from bumping into each other all the time.

We began sleeping with each other occasionally (yes, yes yes, I know that was very wrong), but I've tried to get back together with him and he really doesn't seem interested. Now, out of the blue, the other day, my friend told me that he bought me a Christmas present! I'm not sure how to react, so any suggestions are welcome! Wrong Move Rona

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