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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: Watch It Kiddo

DEARSUGAR and Maddened Mommy need your help. She has a young child in school who keeps getting slapped and having her toys being ripped away from her by another child. She doesn't know what to do about the teacher who doesn't seem to be of any help in this situation and she is looking for some advice.

Dear Sugar
I have a five year old little girl who just started kindergarten. She used to love pre-school but she is really having a tough go at school this year. It appears that there is another student in her class who constantly slaps her and tears her favorite toys, crayons and stuffed animals away from her.

She has asked her to stop, she has cried to the teacher and she has even slapped her back once (which I didn't approve of). I am really quite upset and concerned why the teacher doesn't punish or reprimand the bad little girl. Do you moms out there think that I should go to the principal about this, or do you think I should contact the child's parents? Maddened Mommy

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