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Dating a Narcissist

Another Reason Not to Date a Narcissist

Most people believe they are better than others. It's actually quite average to think so! Mild to moderate amounts of narcissism are good for self-preservation and help us not crumble in the face in criticism, but a few people take it to new levels.

If you know an all-out narcissist, you probably know about narcissistic rage. They unleash it freely and frequently whenever they feel criticized or threatened, which is pretty much all the time. Their low levels of empathy, sense of entitlement, and delusional self-image make them prone to aggression and revenge, and those closest to them feel their wrath the most.

Now a study has found that nobody suffers more from a male narcissist's anger than the straight women in his life — most likely a girlfriend or wife. A psychologist behind the research at Kent State University says heterosexual women, more than straight or gay men or lesbian women, are the prime target for rage. They're the ones who can provide, and deny, pleasure from sex and undermine feelings of power and status — proving once again it's all about the narcissist in the end.

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