9 Things You Should Know About Loving a Pisces

Aug 29 2017 - 2:10am

So you're dating a Pisces? Well, aren't you lucky — we're actually pretty great. (Sorry, Pisces tend to be confident). If you have been around one of us for long enough, I'm sure you'll find the following realties to be true. Keep reading to know what it's truly like to be with a Pisces.

We are hopeless romantics.

Pisces always believe that our one true love is out there waiting for us.

We tend to be pretty lazy.

Please don't make us get up. Like ever.

We are extremely nurturing.

When you're sick or upset, we will insist on taking care of you. Don't even consider arguing about it.

We are pretty selfish when it comes to significant others.

If you don't have your full attention on us, odds are we are not pleased.

But very selfless behind closed doors . . .

Let's just say we're eager to please.

When creativity strikes, there is no stopping us.

Pisces tend to be very creative people, so once we have an idea, we have to express ourselves as soon as possible.

When we are sad, we're really sad.

We are naturally self-pitiers, so when something gets us down we tend to stay down for a little while. Luckily we also really appreciate others who are caring, so just show us some love.

We are very intuitive.

It's so easy for us to know how you're feeling, so don't try to hide it.

We are very in touch with our emotions.

Don't worry, you'll know it as soon as a Pisces loves you. We love to love.

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