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Dating Site For the Well-Endowed — Hilarious or Horrifying?

Online dating is all about navigating the cloudy waters of the dating pool to find the perfect romantic partner (or maybe casual sex and good conversation). Best of all, you can immediately avoid any of your personal deal breakers: say, long hair, smoking, or now, a penis less than seven inches long. "separates the men from the boys" so you can "concentrate on other qualities in a man without having to wonder if he has what it takes to make you happy."

Of course this is Internet dating — so you'll have to wait until your first date (or longer) to see if the inches given online match the truth!


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Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
It is what it is.... women have likes and dislikes on penis size.... men have likes and dislikes on boob size.. Is one right and the other wrong??? I'm glad I make the grade!! :)
samischo samischo 8 years
i would just be afraid that any guy i met on there would think i was only after his penis and sex. and size doesn't always matter if the guy knows how to use it!
khadeekiinsz khadeekiinsz 8 years
Wow to the first comment. But I think this is funny. It sounds like a porn website to me.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
HAHAHA. This site is hilarious. I can imagine that a lot of the guys on there are huge pricks(lol). Size matters but not that much. A woman can get just as much pleasure from an average sized penis than with the super sized one. I would be much more interested in the guy attached to the penis though.
bairdlet bairdlet 8 years
I would say it's practical, if we didn't all know guys would lie. If you cross-reference heights given voluntarily at the DMV and medical data, pretty much everyone gains an inch. I'm pretty sure this kind of optimism extends (pun intended) to other facets of growth, as well.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
What the...
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I happen to believe, through experience, that size doesnt matter, so this website wouldnt do me any good.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
wow. um, i guess there was a need? seems odd. is it for gays too? i can't imagine very many woman would have that as THE deal breaker for a relationship. and then on your first date, don't you talk about what brought you together? the dinner conversation goes like this; "so, you have a really big dick. tell me about it" no thanks.
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years
this is mostly hilarious haha, but i doubt i'd get into it
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Seriously? Men with big dicks are usually crappy lovers because they think they don't have to DO anything to satisfy their women....they figure that since they're hung like a horse, all they have to do is jump on and ride. I like my husband's average size a lot better...big enough to hit all the right spots, but not so large that he'll be cocky about it (sorry, I had to throw that one in there!).
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
I think this is a good idea because I dated a guy who was 8 inches and I couldn't handle the size. It was unbelievably painful. If there was a place for these 7+ inches guys to go to meet women who CAN manage it then more power to them!!
cally8980 cally8980 8 years
Really? This is what we are talking about? Brandy I am completely with you.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I think it's stupid. Big dick does not always equal great in bed. I'd prefer someone who's a bit more average and really knows how to please a lady.
Yea, this belongs on the Sex page, not the News page. And, this is why combining these sites was a stupid idea.
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 8 years
Quite funny. Do you have to submit a photo or something?
kty kty 8 years
really funny,but it wouldn't matter to me either way if i'm in love
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 8 years
Ridiculous. What's next a dating site for those no bigger than a size 6? Yes, I would be included (despite being married); but, I can guarantee that a whole portion of this site would be excluded.
GKitty GKitty 8 years
Thanks for the insight flippy...nothing worst than a big pussy cat.
flippy flippy 8 years
what about a site for large vaginas?
equestriennechic equestriennechic 8 years
Too funny! I would never buy into it, but I think it's hilarious.
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