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Everything I Know About Dating I Learned From Bowling

We're happy to present this post from one of our favorite sites, HowAboutWe. Bowling is a fine art, with form and technique necessary for success. Dating is the same. Consider these rules critical to both a good bowling session and a good date:

1. Wear the right shoes. Always.

Wearing the right shoes for the occasion is Rule Number One of anything. Bowling has its own special kind of shoe. So does the third-date-to-a-nice-Italian-restaurant… that too requires special footwear. No ratty old Chuck Taylors, please.

Being prepared for the date is equally as important as the date itself. Know where you're going* and plan what you're going to wear accordingly. (Bowling rule #1: Don't forget your socks.)


*Ed. note: We almost always agree with this, except as Ned himself pointed out last week, sometimes it's OK not to have a plan. Dating rules are meant to be broken.

2. Know what to do with your hands.

As with anything in life, in bowling you need a firm yet flexible grip. You also have to learn to let go lightly. You can't just go in there and throw it down all angry. People will get scared and leave, and no date worth keeping has bought the "Caveman" schtick since we as a populace decided to walk upright.

You need a game plan, and that implies you need some cool, calm confidence. Which means you should know what you're doing with your hands.

3. Stand up tall, and be confident.

Stop for a second and stand up taller. It'll make you look better, I promise. Be proud without necessarily being cocky. Find that balance. Nobody wants to bone Captain Morgan, and nobody will want to bone you if you're hunched over the ball and just whipping it down the lane before scurrying back to your seat like some sort of feral animal.

For the next four bowling/dating tips, head to HowAboutWe: Everything I Know About Dating I Learned From Bowling

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