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I saw Woody Allen's latest film this weekend — Whatever Works, meaning do whatever it takes to make you happy, or "filch whatever happiness you can" as Larry David's nihilist character says. For him that means marrying a much, much, so much, younger woman, played by Evan Rachel Wood. Wood is 21. David is 61.

Thankfully, save a shudder-worthy Viagra reference, Allen spares the audience from any sex scenes between the two. But whether it's Larry David's unfalteringly artless performance or Woody Allen's personal baggage left over from marrying his adopted daughter, it never feels right or romantic or even endearing. (Meanwhile, a woman over 40 who dates men younger — but not this much younger! — has her own pejorative term.)

When it comes to dating, how old would you go? Is there a limit, or should we do whatever works?

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