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David Lee Roth Vocal Tracks Without Music For "Runnin' With the Devil"


If you ever wondered what Van Halen's Runnin' With the Devil sounds like without music — just David Lee Roth's shouts, screams, shrieks, exclamations, grunts, and whistles — here's your chance! How thoughtful of him to leave many uncomfortable silences in between for you to laugh your ever-lovin' ass off! Why is this funny? I couldn't tell you. It just is.

Queen-0f-Hearts Queen-0f-Hearts 9 years
Omg thanks for the post! Hilarious! Although, I love Roth's voice and didnt find it too bad.
weffie weffie 9 years
hahaha that's hilarious Urgh! so i've spent half my afternoon going thru my itunes list and overlaying this DLR track on everything... it's so so funny, especially if you just isolate a loop at the end of AaaHaaaYa, WOO! WOO! then play it along with other songs... my faves so far are with Johnny Cash & Sublime, i'm just getting to the Ween songs tho so it'll probably keep getting better. i am so grateful for this post!!!
Urgh Urgh 9 years
Check it out: A duet featuring this isolated vocal and one from Steve Harwell Smash Mouth...
weffie weffie 9 years
THIS IS SO BADLY MY NEW RINGTONE! i just have to choose the best part... i think "Oh God I'm running... ugh ugh ugh" let me know if anyone wants it ;)
CelticMist CelticMist 9 years
part of DLR's charm has always been lots 'o attitude mixed in with a decent voice ... i thought it sounded just fine - it's hard to judge an isolated track taken out of context from the completed mix of a song.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 9 years
O M G!!!!!!!!!!! i dont why that is hilarious but it is!!!!!!!!!!!
OhFish OhFish 9 years
Haha! I was cracking up the entire time. "I'm only gonna tell you one tiiiIIIIImeyeeeeahhh" :rotfl:
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