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Will David Letterman's Antics Turn Off Women Viewers?

David Letterman surprised viewers last week by revealing that he had affairs with multiple women on his staff. The confession raises ethical concerns, such as whether Letterman used his position of power to get in bed with female underlings. But besides these ethical questions, some people want to know what this means for his ratings.

The AP wonders if the "creepy" revelation, along with previous spats with Sarah Palin that many considered to be sexist, will turn women off so much that they turn off his show. (Note: women make up 58 percent of Dave's audience.) Back in June, Letterman said Palin sported the "slutty flight attendant look," and he caught heat for making an indecent joke about Palin's young daughter.

Following the latest scandal, Dave is in good shape. His ratings were up 22 percent Thursday night. But who knows, maybe his apparent womanizing will make some viewers change the channel.

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