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Day Four of Our RedEnvelope Valentine's Day Giveaway

Day Four of Our RedEnvelope Valentine's Day Giveaway

Welcome to DearSugar’s Valentine's Day giveaway bonanza! Every day for 11 days, we will be giving away a Valentine's Day-themed gift from RedEnvelope, and on Feb. 12, three lucky readers will win our grand prize — a $500 RedEnvelope gift certificate to help you with all of your gift giving this year!

Each daily giveaway will showcase a selection of gifts for a different person on your Valentine's Day gift list — today we'll be picking something sexy for your husband. To enter, check out the slideshow and vote on your favorite gift before 5 p.m. PST, when we'll choose a winner to receive today's most popular gift, based on your votes. You can only vote once a day, but every time you vote throughout the week, your name will be entered to win the grand prize.

You must be a registered user to enter, so log in to TeamSugar before voting, and if you haven’t yet registered, click here to create a profile. For the official rules, click here. Now just click through the slideshow to vote on your favorite gift. Happy Valentine's Day! View Slideshow

Join The Conversation
macjo92 macjo92 9 years
Why can I not find where to enter? The whole contest will be over before I can enter at least once. It keeps sending me to something with Sugar in it, but that does not help either. Please help.....
Kerryb Kerryb 9 years
I love Red Envelope - but find the website confusing.
macjo92 macjo92 9 years
Why can i not find the place to enter the contest. It keeps taking to me to a plcae to order something for dogs! I do not have a dog....
Greta-W Greta-W 9 years
I was really excited top recieve two peas in pod fro red envelope. They represent my two kids. I never take it off.
inky08 inky08 9 years
OK I GOT IT LOL and voted my favorite :)
cookieqt cookieqt 9 years
red envelope seems to rad my mind, they have the best merchandise
aurora95 aurora95 9 years
I love red envelope. I buy lots of unique gifts throught them.
inky08 inky08 9 years
i dont know where to vote
wyldwomyn27 wyldwomyn27 9 years
I love Valentine's Day! Goodies for the hubby are always nice too.
krispy9 krispy9 9 years
Great giveaway
BekaBeka BekaBeka 9 years
Where do I enter the contest??
lukal lukal 9 years
love Red Envelope - you can always find something for every - and one of my sons loves the red gift box
maemae125 maemae125 9 years
something for the 2 of us would be perfect!
indykris10 indykris10 9 years
The Jimmy Jane Muse Set would be a perfect gift for my guy! It gets my vote (today) for V-day favorite from RedEnvelope. Thanks! Kristen
DecorDiva DecorDiva 9 years
I have never used Red Envelope, but they have awesome, fun gifts- and very unique. I would LOVE to win this! Happy Heart Day everyone!
danandmarsh danandmarsh 9 years
This is sure an awesome giveaway! I too like red envelope!!
I adore RED ENVELOPE products!!!
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