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Ladies, how many times have you complained today, and be honest? While complaining is part of life, Reverend Will Bowen, a pastor in Kansas City, has had enough. Some people think complaining makes them feel better, but others find it unpleasant and quite annoying. Being surrounded by negativity is bound to bring you down, so Pastor Bowen concocted a brilliant challenge to put the kabosh on all that complaining.
For those up to the challenge, you must swear off complaining, criticizing, gossiping and using sarcasm for 21 days. While 21 days doesn't sound like a long time, I dare you to try it! Participants will receive a purple bracelet to remind them of their pledge and commitment. If you catch yourself, or are caught breaking the rules, you must move your bracelet to your other wrist and start the 21 days over.

This challenge has grabbed mass attention, and according to Pastor Bowen, over 2 million people in 80 countries have requested the purple bracelets and are ready to be complaint free. Even Oprah Winfrey nominated her biggest complainer on her staff to take the challenge. So what do you all think? Could you take on the complaint free challenge?

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