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Dear Poll: Do You Eat Differently on a Date?

Many dates revolve around food, which can make it difficult to stay true to your diet, but living in the moment is much more fun than counting calories, if you ask me.

Since many of you pledged to eat healthier in 2009, I'm wondering how that affects the way you eat on a date so tell me . . .


calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
lol aus. good point. in my case i eat how i normally eat, and i take mints around with me so i dont really worry about garlics or onions. hehe :)
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
i would stay away from bad breath food
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
I've been with my bf for over 2 years so I eat normally on dates. if I want bbq ribs, i'll have them. I don't normally like ordering salads cuz I feel like its a waste of money to go out and order lettuce. but that's just me.
LittleLady12 LittleLady12 8 years
*note I said that I eat pretty healthy . . . yeah, except for those ribs. Haha.
LittleLady12 LittleLady12 8 years
I'm with designerel. I always eat less on the first date or two, but only because I'm probably a little nervous (but who isn't nervous on a first date?) After that, I eat how I normally would, which is pretty healthy already. However, it'll take me a while to eat a big slab of ribs with a guy, simply because BBQ sauce on your face on those beginning dates just ain't cute.
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
oh and to add, I don't really eat too too healthy.. and I don't care. You only live once, might as well enjoy yourself, even if you die young- who cares you're going to die anyway... enjoy food, people in other countries don't have such luxuries!
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
i cant stand girls that don't eat in front of people... thats a serious psychological problem there... if i were a guy i'd look out for that. I eat normally. I won't go on a date with someone i'm not comfortable with... thats no fun!
Vaadsfweytes Vaadsfweytes 8 years
I never think twice in front of food. But I always eat healthy, and my guy as well. Although he wants a burger once in awhile. I really don't like the taste of burgers. When I gain a bit of weight, since we eat, sit around and cuddle, I tell him straight off that I'm dieting. But once we go to Persian or Middle Eastern restaurants, I can eat a horse, and he knows that. No shame in loving food!
fancifulfabi fancifulfabi 8 years
On first dates I generally don't try to eat more than he does. If he leaves a little on his plate I'll feel like such a tub-muffin if I lick it clean, haha! Once I know him better I can let my inner pig free :) Also, I only order things that I will look cute eating. I cannot for the life of me eat sushi without looking gross, and long-grain pasta is so messy (nothing is worse than having sauce around your mouth and not realizing it until later). Just things that I can take little bites of, so I won't have a hard time chewing and talking.
macchiatolove macchiatolove 8 years
I said it depends on the day. Generally, I eat the same, but he might suggest somewhere radically different from anything I'd normally go for, but I might feel adventurous that day and go with it. I might be less picky (eg - normally ask for no mayo or something) but generally, I go with how I normally eat. He really needs to know that I ask for an extra shot in my coffee, that I take my steak super burnt and I really love tiramisu. All part of the me-package :D
Lukin Lukin 8 years
I eat how I usually eat, but sometimes it makes me like the stereotypical "salad girl." I'm a vegetarian (and I like a good salad, too!), so depending on the restaurant, there might not be much else on the menu.
designerel designerel 8 years
I think on first dates in particular I eat less because I'm a bit nervous. But after that, I get comments on how I can eat more than him :)
austerity austerity 8 years
Y'know, they say people who can really, enthusiastically enjoy good food are the same with sex ;) So if he catches you eating heartily and with enjoyment, he might conclude that you're fantastic in bed. If you want him to think that, this is something to keep in mind ;)
myystque myystque 8 years
That's funny because I was looking at it from the perspective of people who order less because they don't want the guy to see them eating a lot. I eat what I feel like eating--if it's a period where I'm trying to be healthier, I would order something healthy. But I never restrict what I order. And of course I'm always open about my vegetarianism.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I chow down just like normal. I usually don't eat as much if we are heavy into converstation though. And I agree with everyone else... I do steer clear of the bad breath items!
neonbee neonbee 8 years
I eat how I usually eat, but I agree with austerity. Staying away from foods that can give me bad breath is a must.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
i've been in a relationship for a loooong time so i eat normally on dates...when i am nervous i eat really slowly though so before i would order normally but never eat it all.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Nope I eat how I normally would...
austerity austerity 8 years
Well, I'd stay away from the garlic and onions! but that's about it ;)
skigurl skigurl 8 years
if i'm in a healthy eating mode i don't see why i would randomly order a burger and fries on a's not like grease is particularly attractive! but if he chose a restaurant that is traditionally unhealthy or suggested sharing dessert or wanted to make me a margarita i would totally go for it i wouldn't turn down a fun adventure for the sake of a diet, but i also wouldn't not order a salad just to seem like someone i'm not...same with the other way around...i wouldn't order salad to make myself look healthier if i really wanted that burger
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