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Dear Poll: Do You Ever Lie to Get Out of a Commitment?

Life is hectic, and it’s all too easy to sign on for more than you can or want to handle. Fortunately, I’ve practiced saying no often enough to avoid locking myself into an obligation I know I’ll regret later. Though I’m sure we’re all the type to try our best and follow through on commitments, every once and a while, when the time comes, it's normal to not feel up to making the effort. Sometimes a lie is easier than the truth, so do you ever lie to get out of a commitment?


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calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
actually, i dont go for fun. others here do. lol, i dont like being touched or intimate with just anyone.
calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
where i was born, we dont do fun, we commit. im in my second commitment.
Seka21 Seka21 8 years
Always. Sometimes people just wont accept 'im not in the mood' If people understood that others need alone time and there is nothing worng with turning down invitations.. i would have to lie.
itsme3683 itsme3683 9 years
I'll do it for social things, if it was a group and I wasn't totally stranding somebody, but I would never do it for work or networking functions.
likenicole11 likenicole11 9 years
Yes, I lie all the time. I find myself lying day. It's not possible for me to say no and if I don't want to do something I never force myself. My mom taught me to lie, she does it all the time.
bbkf bbkf 9 years
I only do this with my husband's family. They have big family dinners way too often and sometimes we just don't feel like going, so we lie and say we're going out of town and then hide at home, hehe.
ajennilynrushhh ajennilynrushhh 9 years
i try not to, but i do sometimes.. =/
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 9 years
I'm with you guys I'm not one to hurt people's feelings so I fib a little.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
It makes me feel terrible, but yes I'm guilty of this. Sometimes it's just one of those nights, and I cancel because of that. And my friends had recently been annoying and starting fights with me for no reason, so at the last minute I got stressed and said something came up.
urban-chic-101 urban-chic-101 9 years
I only do this if I get committed to one of those jewelery, candle, spa or tupperware parties and want to bail out at the last minute. I hate them with a passion!
joesbabygirl joesbabygirl 9 years
I really try not to do this. But sometimes it can't be helped...:(
bananapancake84 bananapancake84 9 years
Sometimes, I just need alone time but telling people that always seems to hurt their feelings. "You'd rather sit home alone than go out with me?" Yes. So I lie to them and tell them about prior obligations. Just every now and then.
cmd0610 cmd0610 9 years
If I make the commitment I "usually" follow- what I do more often though is "lie" to prevent getting in to a commitment- although my friends should learn, e.g. I like my Sunday nights at home so I always have some "excuse" for not doing stuff on Sundays . . . ok I'm bad haha!
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