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Dear Poll: Do You Open Your Eyes During Sex?

Sex, and everything that leads up to it, is really the closest you can possibly be to another person. And since more than half of you — 65 percent to be exact — prefer to kiss with your eyes shut, I thought I'd ask you the same question in relation to making love. Like kissing, I think most people's initial reaction is to close their eyes, but seeing the way your partner looks in the heat of passion can make for an even deeper level of intimacy, not to mention making the sex all the more sensual! So do you keep your eyes open or closed while doing the deed?


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dikke-kus dikke-kus 8 years
Closed. I need to fantasize or no big O. Once or twice I have a peek since he's so handsome but it distracts me. Anyway when we kiss which is 90% of it, our faces are too close and I could go cross-eyed trying.
jrocket101 jrocket101 8 years
Just depends on the position. Missionary open for sure....
brutalcupcake brutalcupcake 8 years
Open — I love looking at my partner while we're making love. :P
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
It really depends. If I've got my face stuffed into the nape of his neck or we're not looking at each other they're closed. Most of the time they're open, I like to see whats going on and how much he's enjoying it. Visual cues are good. Tends to put a stop to the "what was that?" scenario.
Shi-Rox Shi-Rox 8 years
open because i love looking at him, and closed when i'm not looking at him haha
chy1 chy1 8 years
at first they are open but when the big O comes (no pun intended) they close. (:
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
both, but I like to close my eyes a lot to just enjoy the feel of things.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
I like to keep them open. I enjoy the view, and it's amazing when you are in love and look into each others eyes. That being said I don't do the creepy stare and will close my eyes sometimes!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that i go both ways about it...sometimes they are open and sometimes they are closed. i don't mind having them open, i like to see my man's face, but sometimes, well you just don't want to look at anyone and get lost in the moment.
miriah15 miriah15 8 years
I love looking in his eyes.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Closed, except for a few peeks sometimes. It's just the way I've always done it.
soulight soulight 8 years
I'm also very visual so seeing what's going on around me definitely aids in the mood. Plus looking into my honey's eyes (as cheesy as this may sound) is absolutely magical.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
We look each other in the eyes and it's a very intimate connection. I love watching him and connecting this way. :D
lizzyopal lizzyopal 8 years
mine are open in the beginning of sex but when we start really getting into it they're usually closed. especially if i'm on top! haha i'm afraid that if i look at him when we're really into it, i'll start laughing cuz he makes some funny faces haha
jessie jessie 8 years
open at all times..except when kissing...its more of a turn on to watch the other person i feel. to see each other expressions...especially during climax..i love that
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
It all depends on what's going on. There are times where having my eyes open is great seeing everything and feeling it at the same time, but there are also moments that for some reason just make me close my eyes when it feels so good you just want to connect with your body and completely feel the feeling without any other outside stimulation. It's awesome
designerel designerel 8 years
Huh. I never really thought about it but I guess I keep my eyes open most of the time! It also depends on the position too... if I'm on top I keep them open all the time.
savage savage 8 years
Open. I'm a more visual type of person. :) I'm about half and half while kissing, though. Half open, half closed.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 8 years
We both open eyes at different times and sometimes look at each other for awhile while making love. I like to see his expressions.
tatsauce tatsauce 8 years
Hell yes, the visual part is the most important in enjoying sex. I like looking into my boyfriend's eyes too, not for too long though, that's creepy! The question is: eyes opened or closed during orgasm? I've heard it's best to keep them open but my natural inclination is to keep them closed.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Open. We have a lot of great eye contact and connection during the deed. It rocks.
Berlin Berlin 8 years
Haha skigurl, I'm opposite of you!
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