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Dear Poll: Do You Use Backup Birth Control?

We all know by now that no form of birth control is 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. If you use your method properly though, your chance of an accidental pregnancy decreases, although that one percent is just too risky for some.

After reading the comments from yesterday's quiz on vaginal contraceptive film, I noticed that some of you use it as backup to the pill. Yes, it's smart to be extra cautious if you're not ready to be a mother, but I'm curious to see just how many of you use a backup method while on hormonal contraception. So ladies, tell me . . .


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janagoldhill janagoldhill 8 years
for the year following my son's birth i didn't want to follow in my sister-in-law's footsteps (she got pregnant two months after her first child's birth). so i made my husband wrap it up even though i was on the pill. a year after that, i got an iud. even though we still used condoms for the four months following, we are now only using one form of birth control. if i got pregnant now, it would be much better for both us and the kids..better safe than sorry right?
jazzybelle jazzybelle 8 years
No - I'm on the pill and in a committed relationship...if we got pregnant I would consider it FATE to move things along!! : )
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
no - i don't use BC at all - i've never been responsible about it (i know - that's bad) but i'm with my fiance and i have no worries at all about any of the 'consequences'
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 8 years
It's all a matter of personal decision if you consider all the conaequences.
smileyface smileyface 8 years
I'm on the pill and we have both been tested for HIV and STIs, but we still used condoms the majority of the time. I'm super paranoid about getting pregnant and it makes me feel better.
adorKablefae adorKablefae 8 years
I just use my nuvaring- I completely hate the way condoms feel so I just make sure I'm responsible with my BC. Plus, we've both been tested and are monogamous so STIs aren't a threat- So yeah, just the birthcontrol.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
I'm on the pill, but he also withdrawals. We've been together 6 years and I trust him completely... so I don't see a need for condoms.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
No, we don't. We'd deal with it.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 8 years
No, I'm married. If I happen to get pregnant again, we'll deal with it.
Ac2366 Ac2366 8 years
It's a personal choice between my bf and I. I'm not going to defend it. I was simply answering the question. The only thing I will say is I won't sleep with a man I don't trust. Period.
bikinib7 bikinib7 8 years
I use Nuvaring and withdrawal. I don't trust any hormonal birth control enough to let him "go" in me. My boyfriend and I have been together 3 1/2 years and I trust that he is being faithful.. I hope I'm not wrong in trusting him.
Myst Myst 8 years
yeah Hiding, but aren't you afraid of catching something? You can trust your boyfriend, but heck, sh*t happens. Why put yourself in that type of risk? I love my guy to pieces, but there's no way we're doing it without condoms, pill or no pill.
Ac2366 Ac2366 8 years
I just use the pill. I have a bf I've been with for about 6 months. We started out using condoms but don't anymore. I trust the pill. I've been on it for 5 years and it hasn't failed me.
Myst Myst 8 years
I've been on taking the shot, since I was 17 and I still use condoms. Like SingleGirl, it's not all about getting pregnant but keeping myself safe as well. I know too many people who caught something because they were on they were on the and some trusted their SO to be honest with them. You'd be surprise how many women I know who never use condoms and they're not even in a serious relationship.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
I just use the pill. I have a serious boyfriend, so I'm not too worried. If I did get pregnant, I'd made my decisions from there. It's not like I am being irresponsible as it is...I don't want a baby and I am doing something about it. But, I don't really feel the need to do two kinds of BC.
gooniette gooniette 8 years
I think Dear is very good about reminding people to 'be safe' and use protection and always think about STIs before getting with someone. As for the question, when I was not on the pill, we used condoms and spermicide. Now that I am, we use condoms most of the time anyway. It's just less messy. :)
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
Oh shoot, I clicked "No" before I read the rest of it. Okay well I am not responsible with my birth control at all, but no I do not use a backup. My friend missed one pill, took two the next day, then made her bf pull out for a full week because she was so nervous. Is this really standard?
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
Very good point singlegirl! When I was not in a serious relationship I would always use condoms as well. Very important.
Simone-Grant Simone-Grant 8 years
I am on the pill and have been for years but I continue to use condoms. I use condoms, not for BIRTH CONTROL, but to protect myself against STIs. The pill is for birth control. I am very concerned that articles on this site frequently talk about "birth control" with little or no mention of the need for women to protect ourselves against STIs. I feel this is a really sad policy. Perhaps it is an editorial choice to conform to some idea that the majority of your readers are in monogamous relationships(and may be politically conservative?) and therefore do not view themselves as at risk for STIs. But it's also irresponsible as the majority are probably unmarried and in relationships that will not go the distance and may have partners who will cheat (what's the % on that, about 60%).
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 8 years
I just feel more comfortable using two -- like you said, better safe than sorry! I definitely want babies someday (maybe even with my current boyfriend?? :p ) but not now
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