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Dear Poll: Does Your Parents' Opinion Matter?

Dear Poll: Does Your Parents' Opinion Matter?

It's been rumored that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are moving in together, but the news of their co-habitation wasn't met with support from Scarlett's mom. Despite her disapproval, it looks like Scarlett and Ryan are moving forward with their plans regardless!

Sure, we all crave our parents acceptance and approval, but sometimes we have to be adults and make our own life decisions, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. There's been lots of talk over the past few months about conflicts between parents and partners but let me ask you this, how much does your parents' opinion matter when it comes to matters of your heart?


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Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
I personally don't want to live with a guy until we're married for many reasons, but it has nothing to do with my parents' approval. I mean, I will listen...They might have some good points, but my parents are close-minded and my mom is racist...Which means they'll oppose of almost anything that doesn't involve a man of my own race. My mom is also overly religious, so of course living together before marriage is a big, big sin. I'm old enough to make my own decisions, so I don't get as swayed by my parents'/mom's biases.
JessLehry JessLehry 9 years
This is hard for me because I'm going to move in with my boyfriend soon. I have told my mom that we've been thinking about it, and she just wants me to make the right decision for me. But my dad on the other hand, would flip his lid. However, I'm 24 years old. I'm a college graduate. I've got a full time job, insurance, benefits, savings, my own apt, etc. My parents have nothing else to hold over my head, so I don't really care what my dad thinks. He can't take anything away from me. My parents have no right to judge me anyway, considering they lived together and got pregnant before they were married... so I don't want their unrealistic conservative standards forced on me when it is hypocritical of them to do so...
yoan190 yoan190 9 years
At first, my parents didn't really sure about my choice of bf (now husband). They thought the other guy I dated was better. But anyway, thank goodness I was born with a head made of stone. :-p Now, everything is different. They could see it how happy I am, and how my husband loves not only me, but also them. From what I've heard, my parents are proud of him.
Jacinthe Jacinthe 9 years
If they have legitimate concerns, I'll hear them out, but they don't make my decisions for me.
demeter demeter 9 years
I only care if they care. If they are indifferent like you stated above, I could care less what they think.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
It matters a bit but overall it's about what I want out of life...
tee0206 tee0206 9 years
If my parents had it their way, I'd be a pharmacist or engineer, I would be living in the Northeast (New England or New York), and I would be dating a Chinese guy. Instead, I studied marketing, logistics, and sociology in college; I live in Texas; and I've only dated white men. So no, I don't listen to my parents! Compared to my overachiever, older brother, I've always been the black sheep.
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
i don't mind knowing their opinions. but even as a child, i've always done what i wanted to do anyways. i never gave my parents problems. i was always responsible. so i NEVER had a curfew. even now, i handle my business;pay bills, go to work early, etc. my dad never really gives his opinion. my mother is always worried about things that don't exist. but she doesn't nag me (or maybe she doesn and i drown the sound of her voice out, i'm not sure). like i said, i'm gonna end up doing what i want in the end.
emalove emalove 9 years
It's always meant A LOT to me. My parents have always been as close to the "perfect" parents as you can get. I hate disappointing them. But thankfully, they are insanely supportive, so I've never had a real issue.
michelle-c42934 michelle-c42934 9 years
It's really important to me what my parents think. But if I really loved someone they didn't like I think I would follow my heart
komler komler 9 years
I think that if my parents (both of them) vehemently disliked something, I would definitely think it over one extra time, and spending more time with the boyfriend talking things over before committing to something. My parents have different opinions on a lot of things, and are both highly intelligent and articulate people, so if they both felt strongly about something… I would definitely think twice. However, they wouldn't actually have a say in the final action, which is why I would give it a talk with the boyfriend - to see where we were actually at before committing to something. Input from parents is fine - them making the decision for me isn't.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
"It doesn't mean much — I don't let them dictate my life." I'm a grown woman now. I'm responsible for my life (and my happiness). I live with all the decisions I make, so with all due respect to others (including my parents), MY judgement and approval matters the most.
LittleLady12 LittleLady12 9 years
I'll also second what hotstuff said--I was also blessed with incredibly intelligent and open-minded parents, so saying that their opinion matters to me and getting their approval really isn't that hard to do!
LittleLady12 LittleLady12 9 years
My family is extremely tight, so my parents' opinion means a lot to me. However, I think I'm able to say that so easily because I really don't think I'd ever date someone or do something that my parents truly disapproved of. As long as I'm happy and the guy treats me well, my parents are fine with anyone I date and they know whatever else happens is really none of their business because I'm an independent adult and it's my life. Now, don't get me wrong, if I did something they disagreed with, they'd give me an earful about why I'm wrong or how it's a bad idea, but again, they trust me to make good decisions for myself, and I think I most of the time! Ha!
linb linb 9 years
My parents' opinions matter. But mine matter more.
TrnSmleShiftRpt TrnSmleShiftRpt 9 years
My mother is very against the idea of people mixing finances before being married. I used to be against it because of that opinion, but now I thin it may be necessary to learning the habits of your significant other.
bbkf bbkf 9 years
My parents have never really been involved in my life-- they don't give advice or offer opinions unless I ask for them. They were both pretty wild when they were young, so they said I just need to figure it out for myself, the way they did. My husband's family is very religious, strict and passive aggressive, but he flat out tells them that it's his decision, not theirs, and they get over it eventually.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 9 years
i dont give 2 sh*ts what my father thinks... i respect and love my mama so much, so her approval is very important to me. having said that, my mama isnt the type to control my actions or hold a grudge against me if i dont take her advice. but i always make her agree or come to terms with things we dont agree on. thankfully, she loved my husband from their first phone conversation =)
CoMMember13630786602261 CoMMember13630786602261 9 years
The only BF that my mom really disaproved of was my high school BF, and she was totally right about him so...yeah. I know she didnt like alot of my BFs but she was pretty good about staying out of my business and letting me learn things my own way. Im pretty sure she likes my current BF though, and his son.
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I let my parents say what they have to say, but I usually end up doing whatever the hell I want to do. I've listened to them my whole life and nothing was every good enough for them. If I came home with an A, they'd ask how come I didn't get an A+. They were also never interested in any of my boyfriends. My brother on the other hand comes home with bad grades and they don't care, and they seemed to care more about his gf (who dumped him a few weeks ago) more than they did about me! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do whatever the f*ck I want to do, even if that includes moving back to LA from Singapore to be happy. All of a sudden they are concerned about me, and they want my boyfriend to make more of an effort to get to know them (even though I got the 'he's not good enough for you' talk from them). Whatever!! They don't support me financially anymore, so they have no say in my life.
melizzle melizzle 9 years
I value my parents' opinion a lot and will take things into serious consideration if they say something's a bad idea... However, sometimes you have to do what feels right for you. My family protested severely when I moved in with my boyfriend. But hey, four years later, we are happily married.
stina829 stina829 9 years
I voted #3... I've made some really bad choices in my life, even though my mom was sitting there saying "Don't do it! Don't do it!" And every time she says that I do it anyways and regret it later on down the road. I need to start listening to her more often, lol
sass317 sass317 9 years
Considering my parents and their parents stayed married, you would think I would have valued their opinion on relationships more, but when I was a teen I totally didnt. I went through a bad boy phase that lasted for about 10 years, from first bf to the last guy I dated before my husband. They pretty much kept their opinions to themselves and hoped I would grow out of it. Now my parents LOVE my husband, and my in-laws love me too, its actually a much more pleasant world this way. I can only think of ONE other couple we are friends with who love their in-laws- we are really lucky.
Belle1031 Belle1031 9 years
Their opinions matters to me but I don't allow them to dictate my life. I don't have a need for my mother to approve of my boyfriend or anything I do. I'm an adult and if I make a mistake it falls only on me and as silly as it sounds I'll be more proud if I can honestly say it was my fault the mistake happened as opposed to my parents fault or listening to them. :P
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
I do value my parents' opinion but don't let them dictate my life. I always talk things through with one or both of them depending on the situation. My mom is a very rational person.
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