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At the recent NYC press junket for the big premiere, our favorite Sex and the City actors got asked about some of the tough relationship issues their characters have dealt with throughout the show and now, in the movie. Ironically, the infamous heartbreaker Mr. Big, AKA Chris Noth, was asked if he had any experience in breakups, to which he responded:

Absolutely, I always think it is harder to dump than to be dumped. . . . Because when you’re dumped, you can feel sorry for yourself and listen to sad songs. . . . But when you dump someone, you take the full responsibility of possibly hurting someone and no one wants to hurt anyone.

I thought Noth's take was an interesting one, though I'm not sure I agree. Sure, everyone loves a good pity party every once and a while, but I'm not convinced that having your heartbroken is better than doing the breaking yourself. Neither are fun, but which is harder?


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