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Dear Poll: Has a Guy Ever Made a Negative Comment About Your Weight?

Since so many of us are self-conscious about our weight and bodies, we watch what we eat and exercise regularly. We do it not only to feel good about the way we look, but also to also attract others. A negative comment can really hurt feelings and self-confidence. So I'm wondering, while in a relationship, has your boyfriend ever made a negative comment about your weight?


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LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 8 years
Actually, I looked @ him like he was crazy and asked, "Did you just make a comment about my weight?" After reading everyone's comments & observing the polls, this is obviously a bigger problem than I had ever imagined!
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 8 years
My first "match" off of eharmony questioned how often I worked out. I looked/felt great, but just because I wasn't a gym rat like him he thought he had the authority to say something. What a jerk! Very disappointing. I was still kind to him. I should have told him to "hit the road" right then, but was trying to show that I was better than whatever stupid comments he could make.
Provocatrice Provocatrice 8 years
First they said I was to skinny, now they say I'm to fat. Boys, boys, boys,...
tinyspark tinyspark 8 years
Never. Ever.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I am slim, 5'3" about 106 lbs. I have heard soo many skinny jokes that I could write a book about them. I have had an ex call me "Skeletor" and paper thin. He got dumped. I have also heard skinny jokes from most of my family because most of them are big and thick, as we say. It used to make me feel bad but I am pretty much over it. My current bf loves the fact that I am small but curvy. He loves my butt and he and I both agree that if I gained about 20 lbs it would be great (especially if it were in my boobs, butt and hips). I joke about his weight as much as he jokes about mine but I love his fat a** (he's 6'2" an about 220 lbs pounds of mostly solid muscle) and he loves my small frame.
cbaby28 cbaby28 8 years
my ex once told me that i had his whole deployment to lose weight...(out of nowherehe said that)
starbucks2 starbucks2 8 years
My boyfriend just told me, my butt has gotten bigger...That's okay though, cause it's true, he doesn't mind, and I'm pregnant so I got every right to gain weight! ;)
khadeekiinsz khadeekiinsz 8 years
Weight comments don't always have to big "fat". There was this girl I know who was sooo skinny. She looked kinda gross, We got into an arguement once, and I said some things I shouldn't have.
kandrew4 kandrew4 8 years
Oh yes. I remember that when I was 13, I wore shorts to school and a boy said that I had thunder thighs and that a friend of mine had amazing legs. I did not wear shorts for 7 years and still feel awkward doing it.
Anniina Anniina 8 years
Year ago one guy said to me once, with our friends there, "are you sure you're going to eat that?" and pointed at my donut, then me. What an a**hole. I still don't understand, I looked skinny and gorgeous. Needless to say it didn't work out and we remained "friends".
SweetSaucy SweetSaucy 8 years
That's terrible to think about. Thankfully, my fiance thinks the bigger I am the better. I love being able to just enjoy food, in a sensual way. Though he also adores my body at its slimmest. He's perfect, he also likes my hair at whatever length -- I've had a pixie cut and below the shoulder blades. He likes it either way and everything in between. :0) I'm marrying the right guy.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My husband would never say anything bad about my weight...he always tells me he loves my body and would love it no matter what I weigh. He's really sweet about it and would probably actually prefer it if I weighed a little more. But when I was in college, I was actually pretty fat. I got up to 190 lbs and decided to lose weight for good. I was in the process of losing weight and had gotten down to 150 and started dating this guy that I met online. He thought I was really cool and wanted to meet me in person and after our first date, he told me that I was "fatter than you looked in your picture", even though he was packing an extra 50 lbs on his fat ass himself. I decided I didn't need that kind of jerk in my life, so I told him never to call me again.
Niami Niami 8 years
I'm 5'6" and have had negative comments from boyfriends/ex-husband/strangers everywhere between 120 pounds and 310. EVEN WHEN WORKING OUT. grr.
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
Yeah, some guys i've dated have commented on me being too thin. It hurt back then b/c I used to hear it from my friends all the time and I had just hit my threshold at that point. It was bad enough I had my own weight/body issues about not being my ideal weight/proportions (for my body of course... boobs don't just grow on a whim but my butt does lol) as I was in high school. But to add fuel to the flame just made a fire. It usually doesn't hurt now but sometimes when I'm in a special place, there's a sting behind the comment.
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
Wow, Hiding55, we must have dated the same guy. My ex would pretty consistently diss my body. I'm 5'6" and have never weighed more than 125lbs. The final straw was when he told me he was more attracted to another woman's body, but my face. I told him that I hope he liked staring at a horse face for the rest of his life, because he would never see me again. My current bf tells me I'm beautiful no matter what.
luna08 luna08 8 years
"men's perceptions of women's bodies" to clarify.
l-dot l-dot 8 years
My bf has told me I could be a "plus-size" model and also made some comment one time about whether I was carrying around a little one. Given, I know he meant well by the first comment and was trying to be funny with the second one, but I just don't understand why guys don't get that it is just NOT something you comment about. It may just be a couple words, but it's stuck w/ me forever. (Also, I am fairly thin, and my bf was actually told by his dr. to lose 30 lbs, which makes it much worse).
luna08 luna08 8 years
OMG Leila07, 5'4"/120 is tiny! That's where I was until I gained weight from asthma meds this year. It was actually a super healthy weight for my height; I felt like crap under that weight and was excited to reach 120. Seriously, as women we always talk about our screwed up body image, but men’s perceptions are just as screwed up.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
My husband has never said anything negative about my weight, thank goodness! We're honest with each other, and luckily really don't have anything to worry about in the weight department. However, when I was about 15 lbs lighter I used to get comments from random people that I was too slender... I never really took it to heart though.
xxstardust xxstardust 8 years
My boyfriend loves to tease me and will call me 'fatty patty' all the time, but he's only joking around because he thinks I'm getting too thin. I'm in recovery from an eating disorder (almost two years since I finally made the decision to get healthy!!) and I AM at a healthy weight, but still on the lower end of the scale. Every once in a while I get a little too caught up in looking in the mirror and he's just watching out for me - the teasing is to remind me that he thinks I'm the furthest thing from fat. It's hard, though - he's Italian so he just loves to feed me! And of course he is a skinny, muscular little guy with a god-given metabolism ..
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Hmmm nothing that I can recall. Butttttttt when I was going through 4 months of bad depression I lost about 12 lbs and everyone told me how "great" I looked, I was about 105 at 5'4 always made me wonder if I was "fat to everyone before?!
partysugar partysugar 8 years
When Destiny's Child was popular, my brother said to me, "You used to look like Kelly, but now you look more like Beyonce." Translation: I had gained weight. I will never forget it.
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
And I'm not fat by any means. 5'4" and a fit 120lbs. What do guys want anyways? A beanpole with fake boobs? Yeah, because they all look like Brad Pitt, you know? Grrrr...
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
Yes. And I always say, "This is who I am, if you want something else, DON'T WASTE MY TIME." I'm getting too old to put up with the stupid BS. :pms:
bbkf bbkf 8 years
An ex used to comment on me being 'too skinny', but I think that was his way of saying I had small boobs, hehe. Never bothered me.
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